Fuji-san Bun.

A mountain shaped treat with matcha custard filling and a crush of match! Our new treat of the month!

Vanilla Filled Donut.

Our classic donut, fried home made brioche donuts filled with vanilla cream whipped to perfection every morning.

Dirty Donut.

A brioche donut filled with dark chocolate cream dipped in more dark chocolate with coco powder dusting topped with a 100% dark chocolate shavings, for a most decadent treat for chocolate lovers.

Sugar Cinnamon Donut.

Fried brioche donuts dusted with sugar and cinnamon for naturally sweet aromatic taste.

Choc Cream Croissant.

Creamy Cacao Barry Dark Chocolate stuffed croissant.

Melon Pan.

With a soft chewy brioche center and a vanilla crispy crust, this popular treat from Japan resembles a melon, hence the name.

Pistachio Madeleine.

Like our classic madeleines but with a twist, a pistachio batter is finished with pistachio flakes.

Matcha Custard Bun.

Custard made with premium matcha encased in a milky and buttery soft bun.

Lemon Poppy Seed Cake.

Succulent lemon cake filled with poppy seeds which contains natural proper- ties to help with your digestion.

Carrot Cake.

Rich and moist carrot cake filled with walnut and raisins topped with home made buttery cream cheese.

Banana Walnut Cake.

A light and moist banana cake filled with walnuts.

Matcha Azuki Cake.

Matcha cake filled with home made Japanese red bean paste.

Azuki Bun.

With a natural faint sweet taste, the bun features locally grown red beans.

Financier Cake.

A classic French treat that goes back to the Middle Ages ,a small almond cake, light , crisp and made with egg whites, flour, and powdered sugar.


A slice of thick brioche topped with homemade jam and an egg – almond mixture toasted until golden brown.


Made with brown butter and fresh eggs batter, the small treats are formed into shell-like shapes.